State of Grace


State of Grace

The Post-Natal Period

Recovery After Pregnancy

dreamstime_2105420Unfortunately, with the excitement of the new baby and the demands made on the mother’s body during pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding combined with interrupted sleep, it is very easy to get run down. The new mother may even feel unsupported or isolated or overwhelmed. Acupuncture and bodywork are able to address these concerns and help to support the mothers recovery and healing from any birth interventions. Crucially, they also allows the woman to rest and prioritise herself for a short while.

The postnatal period lasts for 6 weeks following childbirth and treatment can begin by the 4th or 5th day. It is important to take this entire period to rest, eat well and nurture yourself to rebuild your energy and blood.

In addition to recovering your energy after birth, acupuncture can also be used effectively for the following and is a helpful adjunct to any medical care you are having:

  • Address stress and anxiety and provide support for the emotional demands on the new mother
  • Helps promote sleep and eases fatigue
  • Stabilise hormone levels
  • Return the body to a pre-pregnancy state quicker and can support weight loss
  • Can provide a safe environment to talk through the birth experience
  • Allows the mother to have time to relax
  • Encourages the uterus to contract
  • Address breast feeding and breast feeding concerns
  • Minimise after pains
  • Shrink haemorrhoids and treat constipation
  • Ease perineal discomfort
  • Is able to stabilise the ‘baby blues’ and provides an effective adjunct treatment for
  • post-natal depression
  • Treat abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Promote wound and scar tissue repair
  • Treat post-epidural headache, tinnitus and neck pain
  • Address night sweating
  • Treat back, neck and shoulder pain

Mother Roasting

This treatment is best given 5 days to 1 week after giving birth. Moxa is used to warm the abdomen, back and Meridians to nourish Qi and Blood. It also encourages the uterus to contract, reduces the risk of prolapsed tissue and heals soreness and bruising within several treatments. This therapy is given once then you will be taught how to continue it at home.

You can bring your baby in the clinic with ease or home visits can be arranged until you are recovered enough or a clinic visit is hard to fit into your baby’s feeding schedule.

Structural Integration

It is also available for post-natal treatments where appropriate. It can assist in restoring pelvic stability, core support and posture for proper alignment and to ease musculoskeletal pain. See the page on Structural Integration for more information.