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Scientists prove acupuncture works

Acupuncture is ‘more than placebo’


A multicentre randomised clinical study of menopausal women has concluded that acupuncture carried out in addition to usual care is associated with marked clinical improvement in hot flushes and other menopause-related symptoms. One hundred and seventy five Korean women were randomised to receive 12 sessions of acupuncture over four weeks in addition to usual care, or to usual care alone. The mean change in the average 24 hour hot flush score was -16.57 in the treatment group compared with -6.93 in the control group, a significant difference. Scores for psychological, somatic and urogenital symptoms of menopause also showed significant improvement in the acupuncture group compared with the control group. (Effects of acupuncture on hot flashes in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women – a multicenter randomised clinical trial. Menopause. 2009 Nov 10. [Epub ahead of print]).


UK researchers exploring the effects of moxibustion on breech presentation have concluded that it creates a better chance of achieving vaginal delivery. In a prospective multicentre study, 76 pregnant women were taught how to apply moxibustion and instructed to continue it at home, twice a day, for seven days. If breech presentation persisted after treatment, external cephalic version (ECV) was carried out. After moxibustion 40.8% of breech presentations spontaneously turned and a further 43.4% of breech presentations were turned by ECV. Women who involved other people in the administration of moxibustion were found to be twice as likely to successfully achieve breech version. Multiparous women were also 16% more likely than primiparous women to achieve spontaneous version with moxibustion. Of the women who were successful in turning their babies using moxibustion, 88% went on to have a normal birth and 12% had a caesarean section. The authors conclude that moxibustion treatment should be offered to all women with a breech presentation. (Factors affecting the success of moxibustion in the management of a breech presentation as a preliminary treatment to external cephalic version. Midwifery. 2009 Dec;25(6):774-80).

Spanish authors have carried out a systematic review of the evidence for moxibustion to correct nonvertex presentation of the foetus. Six studies with 1087 subjects and a high degree of heterogeneity compared moxibustion with observation or postural methods. Meta-analysis showed a rate of cephalic version for moxibustion of 72.5% versus 53.2% in the control group; the number of women who would have to be treated with moxibustion to achieve one breech version was calculated to be five. No significant safety differences were found between moxibustion and other techniques. The authors conclude that moxibustion at Zhiyin BL-67, whether used alone or in combination with acupuncture or postural measures, produces a positive effect on the correction of nonvertex presentation compared with observation or postural methods alone. (Correction of nonvertex presentation with moxibustion: a systematic review and metaanalysis. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 2009 Sep;201(3):241-59).