State of Grace


State of Grace


‘I can’t recommend Tyler highly enough! I originally went to see her with chronic hip pain from a total hip replacement 7 years previously. No matter how I exercised I had repeated bursitis on my hip under the scarring. After a great deal of google searching I came across Tyler and decided it was worth trying (the doctors could only suggest another operation to cut out the scar tissue with only a 60% chance of improvement).
Due to the longevity of the problem Tyler recommended the 12 week program. After 12 treatments and starting from my feet to my head Tyler managed to not only cure the hip pain but also pain in my toes and feet, residual pain from a frozen shoulder, vertigo and a clicking jaw! She gave me homework exercises which were ridiculously simple but incredibly effective and her overall knowledge of the human body and how it works is truly impressive
Tyler’s kind and gentle approach makes you feel that you are in very safe hands and I now try and see her every six months for a ‘tuning’ to keep things right.
Thank you so much Tyler for quite literally changing my life to a pain free one.

Penny, hip replacement surgery complications

‘I first met Tyler when she was helping out at an acupuncture clinic I attended for help with recurring problems from low back surgery for slipped discs some years ago. There seemed to be something intangibly different in her approach.
I had also suffered from chronic fatigue for some fifteen years so when it became impractical to continue travelling to see the herbalist who had been supporting for all that time I asked Tyler if the Chinese approach would be suitable which, of course, it is. There was a wonderful morning after a few months of treatment with both herbs and acupuncture when I woke after a rare whole night’s painless sleep to realise I didn’t have any muscle pain. That was twelve months ago and I have been free of all those ghastly pains, mood swings and brain fog ever since. Tyler is now also having fabulous success treating our son for very similar symptoms.
Needless to say this lovely lady uses her very special blend of acupuncture and body work to keep me enjoying life when I abuse my low back and need bone and muscle alignment corrected to stop the evils of low back pain and muscle spasm.
I hesitate to recommend her too widely in case I can’t get appointment when I need one!’
Adrian, M.E & back pain
’Tyler’s structural integration work has transformed and healed my body. I could have cried with happiness and amazement when the treatment finished and I discovered I could actually participate in an aerobics class again and hike with my toddler in a sling on my back. It worked for me and I’m still feeling great several months down the line. She’s liberated me from pain! Tyler’s herbal treatment was also incredibly effective. After three days of taking her remedy, my absent period (1.5 years after giving birth!) returned and has been normal ever since. I really enjoyed the sessions as her company is lovely and inspiring’.
Fran, Structural Integration for pain & postpartum menstrual issues.
‘I’d like to just share a few words from my Rolfing experience with my Rolfer Tyler.
Everything she has done has been amazing, she is so in tune with the body. After every session I started to see a difference in how I sit, stand and move all together. I completed the 12 Series sessions and I’m so glad I did’
A young surfer client who came looking for help with long term back pain. The term Rolfing is his term for the work, another name for Structural Integration.
‘This is just to say a big thank you. I went to Tyler in an awful lot of pain with a nasty debilitating illness (polymyalgia). I was told by a specialist that it would not go away and i would have to go on steroids. It has taken time but Tyler with her warm heart and great knowledge in chinese medicine has given me back my life. This may sound a little to good to be true, but it is not. I would and will highly recommend Tyler to anyone. There are no side affects like with medicines that doctors are so readily willing to put down your throat. They are gentle and kind to the body. I will in future go to Tyler before any doctor’.
Sally Bishop, Devon. Polymyalgia
‘In my extensive exposure to traditional Western medicine, homoeopathic, naturopathic, and alternative therapies there have been few if any who have had the impact or success on my health as Tyler. My first visit was unbelievably comprehensive. She asked the sort of questions you would expect from a health professional but never actually experience. It is the winning combination of knowledge, skill, passion and curiosity that makes Tyler so impressive. She really wants to sort out what you are experiencing and really applies herself to that end.
I was told I had gall stones by my family doctor and without any hesitation or discussion of options she said, I’ll book the surgeon to remove your gall bladder” I decided to look further as I didn’t want surgery no matter how common this one was. I found Tyler through an online search and was impressed. When I met her I was further impressed.
She guided me through the use of Chinese herbs and said I would be able to flush out the stones on my own. She didn’t just ramble off what was needed, she met with me regularly, checked my progress and tweaked anything required. It all seemed to good to be true. There was a tiny voice saying that there is no way this will ultimately work. Well it did! It was a success! I passed the stones, avoided surgery and have been shown how to prevent being in the situation again. This is now almost two years ago and I have had no problems and still have all my organs:)
I have recommended Tyler to people I know and have no hesitation saying to anyone that she is the person to see when it comes to your health and well being. Thanks Tyler!’
Leigh, gallstone removal avoiding surgery to remove the gallbladder
’Tyler treated both my young son and I with huge compassion and skill. Tyler’s wealth of experience and knowledge of chinese medicine underline her work, which is beneficial on so many levels. I would highly recommend Tyler to anyone looking to address physical and/or emotional health challenges’.
Julie, paediatric sleeping problems & stress
‘I only discovered Tyler half way through my pregnancy which was a shame as once I started treatment with Tyler my symptoms ( heartburn/nausea/SDP and an irritable bladder) greatly reduced. Tyler was also extremely effective in helping my post partum headaches/migraines and muscle pains. I also found my weekly treatment with her very relaxing and reassuring as she has a wide medical knowledge. It was wonderful through pregnancy and thereafter to have such an accepting and wise person to share your hopes and fears with. I could not recommend her highly enough’
Alexandra, London ( mother of 46 who had an egg donated baby)
‘I came to see Tyler, who was recommended to me by a friend, seeking treatment for crippling fatigue, disturbed sleep, and a number of other, quite vague and unspecific complaints, for which my GP had neither found reason nor cure. From my first acupuncture session onwards I was able to sleep through the night again, and my fatigue started to ease noticeably. The improvement was so marked it seemed short of miraculous to me! Three months later, after regular acupuncture sessions, taking herbs and using ointments, my other symptoms have cleared, too, and I feel back in (energetic and physical) harmony, and more able from this strong and healthy vantage point to deal with certain things which I found difficult in my earlier, fatigued state. This has made a huge difference to my life, for which I am very grateful! Personally, I have much appreciated Tyler’s dedicated, caring, thorough and competent approach, as well as her light touch and sense of humour; despite admittedly not being a great fan of needles, it has been always a pleasure to see her for my session’.
M Castenetto: recovery from acoustic neuroma
‘I suffered with panic attacks for a period, and I can only say meeting Tyler to be one of the most influential times of my life. She not only offered me acupuncture (which I found highly effective) but she assisted me on a journey towards finding myself and empowered me to become stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. Panic attacks centre around fear and Tyler alleviated my fear. Tyler is so much more than an acupuncturist, she has real interest in people and connects with people on a level that allows you to feel free to completely be. I feel deeply sad to know she is leaving London, but lucky Devonians!’
Fiona, West London
‘Trying to conceive without success for eighteen months was undoubtedly the most frustrating and frightening time of my life. Just as I was ready to despair, I discovered Tyler. The treatment was wonderful but more than anything it was how she took the time to talk me through various issues I was having, something the nurses and doctors weren’t willing to do. When I did become pregnant I one day experienced some spotting. Tyler was at my house within six hours, I don’t know what I would have done without her that day. I’m happy to say i’m now 14 weeks pregnant and over the moon. Thank you Tyler for everything,
Karen, fertlity support
‘I always looked forward to my treatment with Tyler as I felt I could discuss anything with her and always gain valuable advice. I found the acupuncture really helpful it encouraged me to relax and meditate, which I think proved extremely useful when I was trying to get pregnant, something which Tyler has helped me with twice now. I also went to see Tyler while I was pregnant to assist with a blood condition which also proved invaluable. I have recommended Tyler to a number of my friends and my mother also sees her. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tyler especially if you have never had acupuncture or taken Chinese herbs, her attention to detail and methodical approach means that you feel entirely at ease – which is exactly what you need to get better and achieve what you want!
Natalia, fertility support for 2 children, plus treatment for a blood condition in pregnancy
‘I received treatment from Tyler for severe headaches and neck pain during my pregnancy. Her acupuncture sessions were the only remedy which worked and relieved me from the acute pains which were not responding to drugs. Tyler is an extremely skilled practitioner and she applies a beautiful combination of knowledge, professionalism and kindness. She is not only highly competent but she is also a caring and gentle person and I would recommend her to anyone’.
Zara Stella, London. Pregnancy support.
‘I started seeing Tyler very early on in my pregnancy. Having experienced 3 previous miscarriages, I was determined to do as much as I could to help me keep positive about this pregnancy and reduce the fears and anxieties I was feeling. I found Tyler’s website online and her literature really seemed to offer the support and holistic approach I was looking for in this pregnancy. Especially in those first 3 months of the pregnancy when I hadn’t told anyone, I found it extremely beneficial and therapeutic to have Tyler to talk to about both my physical well being as well as my emotions – each session begins with specific questions about your health and energy levels which is recorded. This then informs the treatments. I was most impressed about the holistic/integrated nature of the treatments I received. Tyler clearly has a comprehensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese medicine as well as Western medicine and the pregnant state. She is a great listener and would always ask lots of questions to really find out what the root of any issues I might be having were. She always explained why she was treating various points and how I should see improvements.
As my pregnancy progressed and my anxieties eased, Tyler focused more on the physical symptoms I was experiencing as part of the pregnancy and, as well as the needle and moxa treatments, gave me lots of advice on foods to eat/avoid to promote/reduce various flows of energy. She also suggested various exercises/positions I could do to help alleviate aches/pains and promote good baby position. I found many of the treatments did ease discomforts I experienced, such as pubis pain, back/shoulder pain/ swollen ankles and feet/ low iron levels/ low energy levels.
Tyler is a dedicated practitioner with a calming and reassuring nature. I really felt that the treatments were completely tailored to me and my circumstances. She continued to treat me right through to early stages of labour, coming round for a home visit the night before I was due to be induced to get contractions started and giving me advice on pressure points to use during labour for pain relief, as well as advice for my birth partners on how best to support me during labour. Even now that I have my healthy baby boy, I hope to continue to see Tyler to help ease anxieties and stresses that come with being a new mum and to maintain my well being. I couldn’t recommend Tyler highly enough – she’s fab!’
Bela Nunes-Edwards, Surrey. Pregnancy and post natal support
‘Hi Tyler. Just to let you know that the baby arrived on 20th August. Thanks so much for all your help and advice’
Katherine. Kew, Surrey. Placenta Previa and haemorrhage risk in pregnancy.
‘Dearest Tyler. Thank you so much for all your help. You have been really amazing! With much thanks’
C.K. Kew, Surrey. IVF support and pre-conception care
‘Dearest Tyler. He is so wonderful and we are so happy. Thank you so much for all your help – we couldn’t have done it without you. Much love always’
N.I. Kingston, Surrey. Preconception support and fertility.
‘I don’t know what you have done to me but I feel so well today. My back and my side which was aching in relation to the ectopic pregnancy has eased so much that I can hardly feel it…even with this happening I feel so different, somehow stronger and calm. Thanks again’
H.W. Richmond, Surrey. Pre-conception support
‘I am very pleased since receiving acupuncture from Tyler. The results are wonderful. Since I started treatment it has improved my wellbeing 100%. I highly recommend it for anyone who wonders about it and I am curious to know more, Thank you for all your help’
Gladys, London. Arthritis
‘Thank you so very much for being so amazing throughout pregnancy and labour. You have been an angel. We are all so grateful’.
N.H, London. Pregnancy/childbirth
‘Tyler was recommended to me by a friend. I’ve had only two treatments to my hip, combining acupuncture and massage and the improvement is already noticeable. She combines an obviously thorough knowledge of her job with a refreshing attitude where she explains ”what and why” which is new to me. I cannot recommend her too highly’.
James, London. Hip pain
‘Had my scan yesterday and the baby is head down and ready for the big day. Thanks again for your help’.
 Tersia, Essex. Breech baby
‘I had developed an extremely painful area in my back which extended downwards into my legs. A family friend suggested I contact Tyler as she had worked miracles with his shoulder and with a large degree of scepticism I made contact, more in hope than expectation. However, even after just a few visits the improvement in my problem was obvious. Should I require pain relief in the future I am secure in the knowledge that I will receive sensitive and excellent professional care. The exercises she recommended have improved my posture and general feeling of strength and my golf game is really back on track’.
P.K, Surrey. Back pain
‘To let you know we had our beautiful baby daughter…. I’m just out of hospital and reeling a little from it all and lack of sleep etc – but she is just so worth it. I’m a total convert to acupuncture! Many, many thanks again… You were lovely at a difficult time’.
C.K, Surrey. Natural labour induction
‘I have limited mobility in my left ankle due to an injury dating several years ago that resulted in the joint being pinned. This had begun to affect my hip with shooting pains. On a recommendation, Tyler began me on a course of acupuncture and massage. The pain and swelling in my ankle has reduced so much that I was able for the first time since the accident to wear a shoes with a low heel on a night out. The pain in my hip is now reducing too. I realise that my leg will never be normal but for me this is a huge jump in the quality of my life and I can’t recommend Tyler highly enough’.
Sandra, London. Ankle & hip pain
‘I have long-standing arthritis in my left shoulder which makes my life difficult. Since starting treatment with Tyler, I am in less pain, sleeping better and feel so much better about life. The acupuncture and massage is better than any other treatments I have tried and Tyler is a sympathetic and positive therapist. I actually enjoy having needles put in me!’
Kate, London. Arthritis
‘The info looks fab. I’ll try to work through the stretches as regularly as possible and who knows; maybe I will be able to do the splits before long. I’ll certainly let you know if I get that far…I’ll come back to see you in the future. Thanks for all your help, you’ve been great’.
Steve, London (Postural)