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I offer a personalised, integrative treatment programme that focuses on relieving symptoms and also addresses the underlying imbalance which needs to be resolved.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?
What happens in the Consultation?

Bodywork (therapies & techniques)

Supplementary Therapies

These complement the main treatments and usually form a part of your home care between treatments. They increase the effectiveness of your therapy.

Nutritional and Lifestyle Advice

In Chinese Medicine, how you eat, work, play and live and the balance between them can nourish or injure your health. Your treatment plan will include advice on how to support your wellbeing through these means. Chinese dietary therapy is a part of herbal medicine: many foods have medicinal properties that can balance and nourish energy.

Ear Pellets

Auricular acupressure utilises the same points as Auricular acupuncture. Ear pellets are small gold balls on a small square of surgical tape. They allow points to be stimulated in between treatments and enhance the effects of acupuncture. The client rubs or presses the balls several times a day. You are able to shower or swim while wearing them and they will normally stay in place for 4 to 7 days.

They are non-invasive and highly effective in the treatment of certain conditions such as pain management, addiction and emotional disorders. Auricular acupressure is particularly useful in helping to control cigarette or food cravings, for back pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

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