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State of Grace

Emotional Health & Stress Relief

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine & Bodywork for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Stress Relief & Insomnia

‘I suffered with panic attacks for a period, and I can only say meeting Tyler to be one of the most influential times of my life. She not only offered me acupuncture (which I found highly effective) but she assisted me on a journey towards finding myself and empowered me to become stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. Panic attacks centre around fear and Tyler alleviated my fear. Tyler is so much more than an acupuncturist, she has real interest in people and connects with people on a level that allows you to feel free to completely be. I feel deeply sad to know she is leaving London, but lucky Devonians!’
Fiona, Twickenham, West London

‘I came to see Tyler, who was recommended to me by a friend, seeking treatment for crippling fatigue, disturbed sleep, and a number of other, quite vague and unspecific complaints, for which my GP had neither found reason nor cure. From my first acupuncture session onwards I was able to sleep through the night again, and my fatigue started to ease noticeably. The improvement was so marked it seemed short of miraculous to me! Three months later, after regular acupuncture sessions, taking herbs and using ointments, my other symptoms have cleared, too, and I feel back in (energetic and physical) harmony, and more able from this strong and healthy vantage point to deal with certain things which I found difficult in my earlier, fatigued state. This has made a huge difference to my life, for which I am very grateful! Personally, I have much appreciated Tyler’s dedicated, caring, thorough and competent approach, as well as her light touch and sense of humour; despite admittedly not being a great fan of needles, it has been always a pleasure to see her for my session’.
M Castenetto: recovery from acoustic neuroma

Anxiety, Panic attacks & Depression: feeling stronger in ourselves

According to the Five-Element tradition in Chinese Medicine, Anger is associated with Wood and the Liver, Joy is associated with Fire and the Heart, Pensiveness/worrying with Earth and the Spleen, Grief with Metal and the Lung and Fear with Water and the Kidney. Emotional imbalances such as depression, anxiety, anger, sleep problems and fear are, in TCM, the expressions of the organs and a reason for disharmony and illness.

dreamstime_307322Stress and emotional upset are a normal part of life.However, long-term or strong emotional upset can cause physical and mental ill-health while blocked or weak energy and organ imbalances will lead to emotional manifestations. Repressed emotions are also a common cause for illness. If we hold onto and internalise anger, grief, resentment or sadness, these emotions are not given proper expression and disrupt the functioning of our bodies. This imbalance expresses in body-mind symptoms: anxiety; panic attacks; stress; depression; bipolar disorder; insomnia and burnout are characterised by debilitating emotional and physical symptoms that disable the sufferer.

Treatment for emotional disorders involves making a diagnosis based on what you are experiencing emotionally, mentally and physically. Acupuncture, herbs and massage are used to regulate the flow of energy and nourish the body and the mind to balance the emotions. The treatment provides the foundation for healing that builds the strength you need to change the factors that are contributing to the stress in your life. People often experience improvement in their self-confidence from acupuncture and this element of the treatment is fundamental to its success in treating disorders that affect the mind and emotions.
You will also be advised on diet and exercise, involving breathing techniques that move the Qi.

If you are taking western medications, TCM is an effective adjunct to help you regain your health. Chinese medicine and acupuncture can be used in many cases not only as an alternative to drugs but also to treat their side effects and dependence.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are able to

  • Promote the body’s natural healing power
  • Release endorphins and neurotransmitters that regulate the brain, nervous and hormonal systems
  • Offer an approach with no dependence and no side effects
  • Can reduce the side effects of medication and can help to resolve dependency
  • Treat the emotional and physical symptoms of an emotional disorder
  • Increase confidence, peace of mind and well-being
  • Help to resolve impulsive and anxiety-driven behaviours
  • Improve concentration and mental clarity
  • Resolve sleep problems
  • Reduce fatigue

Paper on the evidence supporting acupuncture in the treatment of anxiety and depression


At stressful times, the body releases chemicals into the bloodstream that cause physical and mental changes to initiate the fight or flight response: the heart beats faster; breathing quickens; blood pressure rises and the body becomes tense. This response is healthy and vital in the correct circumstances to protect our lives or those around us. However, many individuals now exist in chronic states of stress and this response can become pathological.

Stress manifests itself in many ways: anxiety; panic attacks; mood changes; quick temper; insomnia; depression; adrenal burnout; fatigue and exhaustion; poor concentration and memory; palpitations; muscle tension and tremors. It can cause headaches; skin problems; digestive issues and can impair fertility. It is a major health problem that is associated with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and many other diseases related to an impaired immune system.

Acupuncture can help by regulating the nervous and endocrine systems to reduce stress. It has a calming action, promotes sleep, relieves anxiety and depression, promotes self-confidence and wellbeing and builds the strength to make changes to negative life situations.


Do you struggle for hours to get to sleep, despite being tired? Or do you fall asleep only to wake up a few hours later and lie awake? Do you toss and turn during the night, only to fall alseep a short time before you have to get up and spend the day irritable and exhausted?

Difficulties falling alseep or staying asleep affect every aspect of our lives, taking a toll on your mood, energy and physical and mental abilities. At its best, insomnia results in fatigue, lethargy, poor concentration and memory, depression and irritability. Chronic insomnia is even a risk factor in more worrying health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. But you don’t have to put up with insomnia.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture can be very beneficial to regulating the energy of the body to allow your body and mind to rest at appropriate times and re-establish a sounder sleeping pattern. The treatment also includes advice on changes to your lifestyle and daily habits to put a stop to sleepless nights.

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