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State of Grace


dreamstime_8344783The therapeutic effects of acupuncture and massage during labour are not only just effective in reducing pain and relaxing the mother. Obstretic acupuncture, acupressure and massage can facililate a shorter more efficient labour by reducing stress, helping the labour to progress and managing conditions that can make labour difficult. This can significantly reduce the need for medical intervention by providing an alternative.

Acupuncture during labour is is helpful for

  • Maintaining and strengthening contractions: emotional stress can slow or can stall labour completely. Acupuncture regulates the release of hormones to reduce anxiety and stimulates the uterus to contract.
  • Acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins, chemical messengers that control pain and anxiety. This allows the labouring mother to remain calmer and control of her labour: a very important element of a positive birth experience.
  • The treatment of cervical lip.
  • Descending the baby into the pelvis, encouraging more efficient contractions.
  • Empowers the mother-to-be in her birth experience and increases confidence in her abilitiesto cope.
  • Provides strategies for coping with pain in labour and involving the partner in the experience.
  • It can help to turn the baby into a more favourable position if the baby is posterior.
  • Reducing pain and back labour pain.
  • Stopping bleeding at the end of the labour.
  • Increasing the mother’s energy.
  • Treating shock in a quick labour.
  • It is able promote delivery of a retained placenta.

I also use acupressure and massage during the labour. Acupressure is sometimes used in preference to acupuncture when the mother is labouring in positions that make acupuncture difficult or she doesn’t want needles. I will work with you to support your movement, breath and positioning and adapt the massage so you can stand, recline or sit.

I also teach acupressure and labour massage to labour partners so they can offer this support. These techniques are taught to the couple in the 3d trimester and you will be provided with a booklet illustrating the points and their uses. This is wonderful as it involves the partner in the labour closely and positively.

Acupuncture used in the early stages of labour has a long lasting effect on pain and endorphins. If you decide to use acupuncture during your birth, it is highly beneficial to see you when your contractions begin. You may then decide to keep me on call or have me present at all the stages of your birth.

A Study on Acupuncture for Pain Relief During Labour